NFTS – Script to Screen

As of late February I am part of an online club learning the ins and outs of the film industry from the National Film and Television School. I am also halfway though a two week course from the University of East Anglia on Screenwriting, which granted is fairly easy but it’s always good to go over the basics.

Future Learn is an invaluable source of free and readily available information for the online learner. A recent discovery of mine I will now be using Future Learn courses, not only because I’m interested in the subject but as a form of research for my writing.

In this past week, possibly the most interesting week for me personally (as a screenwriter) we were asked as part of the NFTS course to write a short script. I wrote The Keys… though now I realise the scene was only meant to be 30 seconds long. Oops! Mine is almost two minutes 😦

Can’t do anything quite right!

Stop reading and read the script first if you want to interpret the story yourself as I am about to address the meaning of theme, character and story in The Keys.

The themes I explored while writing this are desperation, possession,  good and evil. I wanted my reader to think Jessica has no control of the situation when actually she has it all planned out.  I hope I managed it! Please do let me know, any and all feedback is welcome even if you want to say you didn’t like it.

Hope you enjoy The Keys. I’m looking forward to blocking it out this weekend as I CAN’T DRAW hahaha

That should be fun.